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Artist Statement


     My current work depicts the immigrant workers here in the United States doing the work that our society depends on. Inspired by the realist of the 19th and 20th century Gustave Courbet, who focused on unveiling the lines of everyday workers, I am interested in unveiling inequalities in race and work by depicting the workers in our communities. The contradiction in our societies is interesting to me because our politics are concentrated with removing people who are living and working in the U.S. illegaly, but yet, these are the people who contribute to our societies. These are the people who build our living and working spaces. These are the people who clean our mess. I feel as a society, we chose to overlook these people who work hard in our communities, and deny them involvement. Most of the figures in my works do not show a face because society does not think of them as important, yet they are the ones who build our infrastructure. In my work, I force the viewer to take a look at the legs of America. I encourage the viewer to stop and look at the work they are doing in-order to better our communities. 

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